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Interior designers are now affordable to most people who feel the need for professional help and guidance, decorating the interiors of their offices or homes.

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Every so often, I interview someone from a company that’s still in the early stages of development, but has created a truly unique business with enormous potential. Such is the case with Noa Santos, the co-founder and CEO of HomePolish. Together with company president Will Nathan, Santos has created a full service whose mission is to make this luxury service accessible to the masses.

Their formula is simple. They start by recruiting top young designers from the best firms in the city. For a mere $50 fee, clients can schedule an in-home or with a designer who has been carefully matched with them. From there, design packages begin at $500. With no added design fees or furniture markups, HomePolish designers are free to seek out the best deals for their clients, since they are not motivated by commissions.

As Santos explained, they endeavor to create a collaborative environment in which designers work to embody a client’s into his or her home. Furthermore, the company fosters a non-competitive spirit of cooperation among all their designers, so they can easily help one another to deliver their best work on behalf of their clients. The centerpiece of their 1100 square foot Flatiron district office is the “design bar” – an original piece of furniture crafted out of packing crates that not only shows off a bit of , but also functions as a great spot to consult with members of the design team or even enjoy a glass of wine. The space is already attracting attention as a venue for outside events.

Originally from Hawaii, Santos attended Stanford University, where he studied business and architecture. Craving a faster lifestyle, he moved to New York City, where he was fortunate to land a position in a high end residential interior design firm. There, he got a crash course in lifestyles of the rich and famous, as well as a ton of hands on experience in all aspects of the business, including client meetings, proposal development, furniture sourcing and billing….More at Interview: Noa Santos and HomePolish are Making Interior Design …

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Innovative people like Noa and his team, who help bring beauty and style to every home and office at affordable prices, investing in the happiness of the world is just amazing.

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